Daniel Riveong


General Manager, Asia

  • Degree in International Relations from San Francisco State University
  • Enjoys good bourbon, while reading Russian literature
  • Loves the chicken fried steak at Orphan Andy’s in San Francisco

Daniel has over 13 years of experience in the online marketing space in the US and Asia. As General Manager of Asia, Daniel is responsible for leading our Malaysian and Asia operations.

Formerly e-storm’s Director of Marketing Services, Daniel was responsible for managing search marketing, display advertising, social media & multichannel analytics initiatives for Wells Fargo & Co, Vayama, Ebates.com, GHM Hotels, Leading Hotels of the World, Design within Reach, SelectQuote, Bank of America, Sutter Home Winery, and National University System. In his past lives, Daniel was a web developer for a number of early online businesses and an early adopter of interactive marketing, having developed the SEO recommendations for promoting Hewlett-Packard Asia’s Y2K Bug expertise.

Daniel is a recognized and sought-after domain expert on the effects of social media on marketing. His writing at blog Emergence-Media.com is syndicated by SocialMediaToday, and he has also been published on the ad:tech Blog. Daniel is a frequent participant in industry conferences and has been a featured speaker at Ad-Tech Singapore, Social Media Marketing Summits.

Xie Jie


General Manager, China

Xie Jie is a 24 years veteran in China business and marketing. As head of our China expansion team, Xie Jie has led the strategic execution of marketing (traditional and digital) and business projects across the following industries: Travel and Luxury, Transportation, Lighting, Automation, Communications (IT), Medical Systems, Power Generation & Transmission, Electric & Electronic devices, Semiconductors, International trading.

His decades of experience with customers and local governments in China, Hong Kong and Europe, have created an experience pool that’s both broad, and deep. He started his career with IPMA, then held account management positions servicing customers such as China Mobile, China Telecom. Later, as General Manager for Siemens in Anhui Province, he was responsible for the Siemens business units and corporate relationships with Anhui, Henan and Hubei provinces. Promoted to Vice president of Siemens Ltd. China, he was responsible for communications, and managed multimillion projects throughout China with the Shanghai Government, Expo Bureau and State-owned companies. Most recently he held the position of Managing Director for SpringT, a marketing research and investment management company in Shanghai.

Jackson the Bulldog


Chief Security Officer (CSO)

  • Able to leap tall pillow forts in a single bound
  • Moonlights as a bodyguard in the Kreitz household
  • Motto: I come, I see, I slobber

Jackson is our Chief Security Officer, in charge of defending estorm against baddies who may mean us harm. A dog of few words, he defeats his foes by attempting to sit on their laps. If this doesn’t work, he ignores them until they go away. Often mistaken for Ron Swanson, he is easily bribed with steak, chewable balls of all types, and a scratch behind the ear from his favorite e-stormer, Mel. While others may powernap, Jackson powerwakes, raising his head to look around for 5 minutes every hour. His snores serve as a cautionary tale to staff that anyone found sleeping on the job or even slacking off may be subject to sniggers, pointing, and doggie snacks from a foil pouch instead of catered lunch.