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Fortify and future-proof your brand. Use our creativity, expertise, and intimate understanding of today’s global marketplace to build a stronger brand.
We’re the digital marketing company that will help you look deeper, reach farther, and launch your organization into the next sphere of greatness.
And we do it on your terms, with just the right mix of professionalism, technical expertise, and high-touch service.

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Asia – Our DNA

We're fluent in Asian cultures and languages

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about understanding Asian cultures and languages. Each market has cultural and regional idiosyncrasies that must be factored into your web/mobile strategy. Whether your prospects are local/provincial, national, regional, we know how to move them—with brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

With offices in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Shanghai, we have both the physical presence and the local knowledge to take you further, faster than most other agencies. We’ll help you understand the different nuances of the Asian cultures in Asia.

About Us

Our Services

At estorm we believe that right brains and left brains should work in harmony. Our tech and creative teams work together to build beautiful products that work and deliver measurable results. Our ears are constantly on the ground, picking up the latest technologies and methodologies to help our clients achieve the maximum returns. 

Our services
  • Web based software
  • Mobile applications
  • Content Management system
  • Responsive websites, landing pages and microsites
  • Performance and security optimisation
  • Persona development and
    market research
  • Content strategy
  • Creative concepts and ideation
  • UI/UX design and user testing
  • Social media pages and applications
  • Display advertising creatives for web and mobile
  • Infographics

Strategy and Planning

Fine-tune your global strategy

At estorm International, We listen to your needs, map your visitor’s interactions, spot the patterns, identify the opportunities, hone your message, and fine tune your strategy.

  • Meet with you to define your target customers, identify their motivations and current purchasing behavior, and set goals for measurable improvements in engagement, sales, and ROI for your web/mobile presence.

  • Research and analyze your competition’s web and mobile presence and learn from their mistakes, as well as their strengths.

  • Refine your message and position your brand to occupy a unique niche that’s both needed in the marketplace and superior to that of your competition.